Thursday, April 11, 2013



Hello all... or none,
   My name is Katherine Delores McBride.  As you may have read in my profile, I am a retired stylist and a patron of the arts.  As I am getting older I have slightly more time on my paws and thought it might be interesting to write a blog featuring one post per week.
   I am a whimsical, free-spirited Cairn Terrier, also very friendly and of course, stylish.  I consider myself to be an intellectual of sorts and a connoisseur of dog biscuits.  Some of my favorite hobbies include dressing in self-designed outfits and taking daily walks (though I enjoy dress-up and intelligent conversation, don't let it deceive you, I'm a hardy Scot underneath).  There is nothing I like better than being out in the sunshine and smelling the flowers.
   My thought for this blog (as the title implies) is that you are stopping by for tea and we are having a pleasant chat, and hopefully a belly rub!  As my project continues, I'm sure we will get to know each other better, but for now that will be all.  Stop by next week to see what we have been doing or thinking about or maybe just for a dose of furry, pint-sized inspiration.


  1. Lovely selection of artwork. Clearly a well bred blogger. Among my favourites are Giovanni Boldin's: The Actress Rejane and her dog, Thomas Gainsborough's: A peasant girl with dog and jug, and of course Nicholas Reoerich's: The dog has gone.

    1. Thank you for your comment! I enjoyed revisiting these wonderful pieces of art.

    2. Katherine Delores , Your lightness of heart fills my day with smiles.Your
      Retro 1957 eye glasses give an aura of sweetness that lifts my spirits ,have
      a great day ...

    3. Indeed, I am particularly drawn to Katherine Delores' style, and I salute the perky individual who resides within her canine heart. (Should I get out my 1968 cat's-eye glasses, or admit that no one can rival Ms. McBride's singular flair!?)
      Looking forward to each week!