Thursday, April 18, 2013


   Personally, I don't usually make a big deal about birthdays, but some are just too good to pass up!  And 13 just happens to be one of those birthdays, so here we are! (actually it's 65 in dog years, which is also a good age, but I like to stick with one birthday per year).

 At our house we have a family tradition that on your birthday you get to be "Queen for the Day!"  So of course, I went all out with the crown and all; we also got out our special occasion Dancing Girl depression glass!  This style depression glass, actually called Cameo, was produced by Hocking Glass in Ohio from 1930-1934.  Legend has it that the pattern was released in honor of Isadora Duncan, the famous modern dancer.  This glassware has become a very special family heirloom and always makes an appearance at birthdays.  Below, you can see the detail of the small dancer.

For my birthday I received this wonderful little sailor suit style sundress!                                                                          


It was made especially for me by my personal designer! Below is what it looks like when creative genius takes over.... or maybe it's a sign that she needs an organizer...

I think a sailor suit is an absolute staple for any girl's summer wardrobe!  The sailor suit has been around for many years, and though it was originally a uniform for the Navy, it has become a very classy piece.  Here are some of my favorite sailor suits from the past.



See you next week!


  1. katherine delores, your tailor has magnificent hands! what she does for your figure is beYOND fabulous; wherever did you find her??
    and might i request a card? i find myself in desp-er-ate need of sartorial attention . . .

  2. Mademoiselle K.D.,
    Happy birthday to you and to me! I turned 13 on April 15th and I am very glad to know that I am NOT now 91, as previously thought, but that I am only 65 or is it that a girl dog never reveals her true age? I just want you to know that you are truly lovely. I admire your collection of sailor suit art and totally approve of the big dachshund in the photo with the little boy.
    With all best wishes for a happy and healthy 14th year,
    Your admirer,
    Zeppelin the dachshund

    1. Monsieur Zeppelin,
      Happy birthday! There are different methods used to determine a dog's actual age, but since smaller dogs, such as you and me, live longer I believe 65 would be the correct estimation for us. I am so glad to know I now have an admirer, and you are so very charming too!

  3. Katherine Delores, you look absolutely divine in your sailor dress. The colours are most becoming with your complexion.

  4. I love how the fetching ruffles emphasize your tiny waistline and alluring behind, K.D. You are so lucky that your personal designer knows how to bring out the best in you. Chloe

  5. Mademoiselle K.D.,
    Thank you so much for your gracious reply to my birthday comment.
    It is so good to know that we are on the young side of being old. Hooray!
    Bonne chance with your blog! I look forward to reading future episodes!
    P.S. I am going back to my nap now.

  6. What a lovely sailor dress! I had one when I was younger. Much. Younger.

    1. Thank you for the compliment, glad you stopped by!