Thursday, April 11, 2013

                                    My Favorite Art

   Spring seems to finally be here and all the lovely colors that 
come with it. 

After all the long winter months I can't seem to get enough of these wonderful colors which make me instantly think of my favorite artists, Mary Cassatt and Auguste Renoir, and I thought who better to share some of my favorite works with, than my nonexistent, I mean, readers!  

I absolutely love the moment caught in this segment of one of his larger works, the yellow and red in the woman's hat really complement the small dog's fur.  Whenever I see this piece I can't help but smile!

Hug Me!  This woefully sweet portrait is one of my favorite Renoir pieces done with his soft signature brush strokes, not to mention the striking warm brown tones. 

     This piece has such character! The dog asleep on the chair is Mary Cassatt's Griffon Terrier, who was a gift from her good friend Degas.  Part of what I love about this piece is that it is so far from the stiff posed portraits of its day, it was a part      
                      of a whole new era.

  The sunny quality and softness of the pastels gives this piece a wonderfully warm atmosphere, not to mention that this especially cute canine looks an awful lot like me, if I may say     
                           so myself!


  1. A most informative piece from a very savvy blogger... Thank
    You for sharing your passion for Fine Art...

  2. Love the birthday crown and sailor outfit. I am looking forward in reading your further comments on your art. The material presented is very interesting. Perhaps your tailor will make you a bikini for the hot summer months. Thank you for sharing your interests.

    1. Thank you I'm glad you enjoy my posts! The bikini is an interesting idea though at my age I feel more comfortable in a one piece.

  3. Hi, K.D. Love the look of your blog. You are the snazziest dresser I've seen in a while, and it is a treat to read someone's thoughts on art. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you so much, I'm so glad you enjoyed reading my blog!