Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day... 

with a Twist of Lime!

Whoever thought to put Father's Day in June was a very smart person!  It is a wonderful time for excursions and custard pies!  I have never known my canine father, but our little family has a very strong patriarch who has always been like my father.  So in our customary style, my personal designer and I baked him his absolute favorite pie: KEY LIME!  It is really a great little pie, easy to make and very delicious!  For my pie I use freshly-grated lime zest and Key West lime juice; it really makes all the difference.  I also prefer to use ginger snaps for the crust.  Those three things are the secret to my pie.....

For Father's Day, my personal designer took her father on an excursion to a beach on Lake Erie (who knew there are such authentic beaches in the pastoral midwest!?!).  It was a beautiful day and after their picnic they walked the mile-long beach (twice) at Headland State Park. There were many interesting things along the shore to discover and a wonderful breeze.  

They brought some beach finds home to share with us!

I love looking at the beach glass and shells; there is something a bit nostalgic and enthralling about them.  They remind me of the waves and beach no matter how long they've been sitting on a window ledge.  

Of course, I had to do something slightly absolutely radical for my new summer style!!  Thinking of Key Lime pie had me thinking tropical, and then I was just looking completely innocently at the food coloring, and slipped! 

No matter how many Key Lime pies we would bake, it could never express just how thankful we are for our father.  We couldn't ask for a better match; he's unique, kind, loving, funny and understanding...well, I'm running out of room for all the things we're thankful for; it would take volumes! 
Thanks Dad!

Happy Father's Day