Monday, January 26, 2015

Birthday Wonder!!

Aren't birthdays delightful?  They always give me that warm fuzzy feeling!  Not to mention, the abundance of lovely candlelight and childhood memories!

So, when my dear friend and Personal Designer's 18th birthday was drawing near, of course we decided we must have a party!!!  We decided to keep it a small and intimate gathering with pleasant conversation, classy Hors d'oeuvre, elegant napkin folding, pastel table decor and tea and cake.  I simply adore a Classic Tea Party!  

My Personal Designer's mother helped plan and orchestrate the lovely affair!  The invitations had been sent, everyone was coming, the food and decor had been planned so when the appointed day came we were ready!  We suited up, (I in my butterfly wings and she in her apron) and had a vigorous morning of 
cleaning and preparations!

We used some of our favorite Polish china which provided the initial color scheme, and then chose napkins, candles 
and flowers to match!

My Personal Designer loves to bake, so we allowed her to make her favorite cake!  

I, of course, supervised everything to make sure it all came off without a hitch!!  Above, you can see me supervising
 the food preparations.....

Aren't they lovely?

Then, I honored them with my opinions on the table
 setting and decor.....

Also quite lovely if I may say so!! Needless to say, my Personal Designer was tickled pink!!!

 We chose a whimsical arrangement for the table!

And a wonderful friend of ours in Vermont surprised her with this beautiful bouquet of 18 roses!!

At the end of the day I was happily drowsy (I doubled as the enthusiastic welcoming committee!  So you can imagine..), but it was such a lovely gathering and so well worth the effort!  I have known my Personal Designer since she was three and have enjoyed every moment of it!!  

Thank you to all the wonderful ladies who joined us in celebrating her birthday!  

***A note from Mom:  As Miss KD and her Personal Designer's biggest fan, I would like to thank them both for all the joy they have brought to my life and all the lessons they have taught me.  It was so much fun to help Miss KD celebrate this momentous birthday with such dear friends!  What a unique and extraordinary pair!  May you continue to bring joy to all you do!


  1. Miss k.d. You are truly the hostess with the mostest. Such a lovely soirée ! The table was beautiful, the food looked delicious , and such beautiful flowers. Your lovely outfit was just perfect. Such a happy day for your personal designer !

    1. Thank you so much!! You are making me blush under my fur! I love any excuse to put on a pretty dress and fairy wings and sip tea!