Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Year 

Hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday!  Ours was very quiet; I believe it is just what we needed!  Tomorrow is Epiphany,
 so the kings have arrived at the manger.  This was our great grandmother's creche. 

Some young friends of mine came for a tea party over Christmas, and they each received an angel that we made, along with a little poem. We sang and danced and made tissue paper rose windows.  It was delightful!

Sadly, tomorrow our tree comes down.  We have enjoyed many evenings sitting around the tree reading, knitting, playing board games, drinking tea, and reflecting.

Wishing you all a joy-filled New Year!


  1. What a blessing to have your great-grandmother's creche! What a treasure.

    1. We were truly blessed to live next door to her for 14 years, and enjoyed seeing and setting up the creche with her every Christmas. Hope you have a wonderful new year!