Thursday, January 30, 2014


  We have been enjoying this winter wonderland very much despite the extreme cold!  Next week is a good friend of mine's birthday which we will be celebrating with a lovely dinner coordinated by moi, so I will share that with you soon.  In the meantime.....

a little poem written by my personal designer when she was five years old:

The snow rests peacefully on the ground.
The roses no longer bloom.
All the plants lay under the snow,
But in heaven it is always sunny.

Blow, boisterous wind, stern winter frown,
Innocence is a winter's gown, 
So clad, we'll abide life's pelting storm,
That makes our limbs quake, if our hearts be warm.
-William Blake

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  1. Hello KD - I used to have a little black and white friend named Billy who always came in from the snow with a snowy face like yours. We called him our four-legged snow plow. I'm sure your party will be a smashing success.