Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Last Rose of...Fall?

I love this time of year!  Truthfully, I love most times of the year, but there really is something special about the crisp air and misty mornings, and of course, the colorful leaves!  We have had some marvelous weather which I've been enjoying every chance I get!

A good friend of mine went on a little trip and just returned home yesterday, so I was suddenly inspired to 
make a nice little cake for her.  

Our chickens have been laying lots of eggs, so I decided on an angel food cake.  Of course I had to collect the eggs first!  

I do love making angel food cakes, but usually save them for special occasions.  I found the few roses left in the garden a great inspiration, so I let my creativity run wild (creativity needs exercise too!), and this is what I came up with: an angel food cake with a center layer of rosewater whipped cream, and topped with raspberry rosewater glaze, fresh raspberries and rose petals.  Below I will share with you the way to give your angel food cake a rosy glow! 

  - - -  Raspberry Rosewater Angel Food Cake  - - - 

*  For the cake use your favorite angel food cake recipe.


*  2 tablespoons milk
*  rosewater 
*  powdered sugar  
*  2 raspberries

  Whipped Cream

*  1 cup heavy whipping cream
*  1/2 powdered sugar
*  rose water

*  in addition you will need raspberries and rose petals 

I must confess I wasn't especially exact with measurements when I was making this (I was with the cake of course, but the other parts were more "make it up as you go").

For the glaze, start with 2 tablespoons milk and whisk in the powdered sugar until it is the desired consistency (mine wasn't especially thick), then add the rosewater to taste.  To color it a pleasant pink, mash the 2 raspberries through a sieve into the glaze discarding the seeds.   

For the whipped cream, beat the cream and sugar until it is the desired consistency (I made mine thicker than usual because it would be in the center of the cake), add rosewater to taste.  

To assemble your cake, carefully cut it in half, set the base of your cake on the plate and spread evenly with the whipped cream. Now place the top of your cake evenly on the whipped cream surface.  Drizzle the glaze across the top and decorate with raspberries and rose petals (if you intend to eat the rose petals be sure to cut off the white base of each petal). You now have a finished cake!! 

- - - - - 

I really must thank our lovely flock of feathered friends for the eggs!  They were quite excited for their blog debut; they excite rather easily though, so it's no surprise!  

Penelope & Velma

Eugenia, Stella, Penelope, Aibileen & Velma


  1. Miss K.D.,
    Oh, yum, yum, YUM!
    We are going to make your cake!

  2. Monsieur Zeppelin,
    Bon Appétit!