Thursday, May 23, 2013

Tea in the Garden

This week we have been working most ardently in the garden.  We have our beds prepared and most of our plants in.  It's always very exciting getting the gardens going in the spring. I am always very helpful....

In the summer most of our produce comes from our vegetable garden.  This week we put up a new fence and transplanted the small plants we started under grow lights from seed.

In my small, personal garden bed the flowers are really taking off; sunflowers and strawberries are some of my favorites!  Unlike the meticulous vegetable garden, my garden grows with its own whimsical will, perennials come back every year as a strong foundation while the annuals spring up as they please always in different, imaginative configurations. 

Tasha Tudor

 Tasha Tudor (1915-2008) is my favorite illustrator; I have been collecting her books for quite some time.  She was also an avid gardener.  She lived in Vermont and illustrated many children's books.  She would always lay down her paints in the summer to work in her extensive gardens and tend to her chickens, goats and of course, her constant Corgi companions.    

In the middle of the afternoon with the sun at its peak, it's always nice to stop for some iced tea.  This week I will share with you the premiere of my original recipe for my favorite iced tea. 

    - - - - - - - Thé au Citron Fraise - - - - - - -  

2 teaspoons loose Oolong tea (or tea choice)
1/2 cup fresh Lemon Balm leaves (about 12 sprigs)
2 cups water
1 2/3 tablespoons lemon juice
2 tablespoons maple syrup 
4 pureed frozen medium strawberries 
2 cups ice cubes
* Bruise Lemon Balm and brew with tea in 2 cups of just boiling 
  water for about 5 minutes.

* Strain tea into pitcher and mix in maple syrup, lemon juice,   
  pureed strawberries and 2 cups ice.

* For an added touch, garnish glass with sliced fresh 
  strawberries or lemon and enjoy.  

It really is quite good!

* And for my canine friends, remember more than a few sips of caffeine can be harmful to your health.


  1. Dear KD,
    'Tis so true! Spring gardening is such a joy! And with all four paws pitching in with the digging the job gets done in half the time! But I wonder how you can do all of that work and still have such lovely nails and cuticles?
    I look forward to the trying the iced tea recipe as soon as the strawberries ripen!
    A Loyal Fan

    1. I'm so glad you stop by often! I find walks in the morning dew do an excellent job of keeping my nails neat and tidy. I hope you enjoy the iced tea, I know I did!
      Katherine Delores

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  3. My mother just gave me some of the first strawberries of the season AND I have a lot of lemon balm. Now to find some oolong.....