Thursday, May 16, 2013

In the Spotlight

Though personally I have always enjoyed a simple, pastel lifestyle, it's not to say that I'm not intrigued or inspired 
by celebrities.  

As a Cairn Terrier, I feel a kind of kinship toward Terry (Toto) from The Wizard of Oz (1939).  I have always enjoyed The Wizard of Oz!  Who doesn't like this excellent Classic about the little dog who saves the day by leading her incompetent friends through forests and poppy fields to the wonderful Wizard and is almost eaten by a witch along the way!  Toto was so modest she didn't even ask for anything from the Wizard!  

Many people are unaware that Terry had a full career as an actress; she also starred in Bright Eyes with Shirley Temple.

I simply adore old movies!  When I think of old movies, I think of Petey.  Pit Bulls were the nanny dogs of the 20s and 30s; where would the Little Rascals have been without Petey?  He was always there to help, protect, and play with them.  Petey was just an all-round endearing dog!

I have always loved Audrey Hepburn's films even though they are, for the most part, sorely lacking dogs.  Her close companion Mr. Famous is an iconic dog.  There are many wonderful photographs documenting their "loverly" friendship.

Uggie, who starred in The Artist (2012), is such a wonderful actor; he is also very handsome and has such style! (Oh, I may be blushing!)  Anyway, it's a very good film.  Uggie also starred in Water for Elephants.  He always adds such comic relief!  I have included pictures, both from the Artist and the Golden Globes.

I, myself, have dabbled in a little acting. I received a wonderful review as Sandy in the musical, Annie--and my own bow.  I have also participated in some innovative independent films.  
It took at least an hour just to get into costume for my avant-garde role as The Lion.

I think everyone deserves a walk down The Red Carpet.  As Shakespeare said,  "All the world's a stage..."

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  1. I am not surprised that you have done a bit of acting. You have such style and panache.