Saturday, December 7, 2013

St. Nicholas

Ida Bohatta

From a very young age, I can remember our family celebrating St. Nicholas.  At our house, Santa isn't known for bringing presents (we exchange gifts, often handmade, from one another on Christmas morning), but on the eve of the 6th of December, we shine our shoes and set them out with a little hay and a carrot for St. Nicholas' white horse!  

In the morning, we rush down to see if he has left us a small surprise--a clementine or little book, something small enough for your shoe.  St. Nicholas was a 4th century Greek bishop known for his kindness and generosity and was said to have left coins or other small things for the poor on their windowsills or in their shoes. This story inspired the idea that he would leave children presents in their shoes on his feast day.  This has been a tradition throughout Europe since the 12th century.  St. Nicholas was the inspiration for Santa Claus.

This year, St. Nicholas was very generous and left a package of biscuits and a handknit scarf in my little shoes! 

Of course, I had to take a frolic in the snow!!  My scarf was just in time for our fresh snow too!  Maybe its bright colors will help me to not get lost, as well as stay warm. 


                 I just adore my new scarf!!!!

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