Monday, August 26, 2013


This time of year is always busy, especially since the family I live with homeschools; there is always the curriculum to plan and the schedule to organize.  Even with all of the activity, we had time to go see the wonderful French film, Renoir, which of course, inspired me to "stroll" through some of my favorite Renoir paintings, because even when things are busy, it is très  importante to take time for art!

I have always loved the way Renoir portrays children; he captures the innocence and wonder of childhood with his soft brush strokes and warm colors. 

I love this painting because of my love of gardens, and also because of the amazing contrasts between sun and shadow.

This is such a sweet painting!  How lovely to be invited to such a delightful party!  How daring of her to wear red with pink!  Without a doubt, she pulls it off quite charmingly.  

This painting is so simple, yet so very beautiful!  I love the contrast between her gleaming, red hair and the pale blue in her dress and bow.  

Feeling inspired by the movie, Renoir, I came home ready to awaken the artist's model that I have always known lived within me!!  However, being a plein air model is more distracting than one would think!  

"I like a painting which makes me want to stroll in it."
-Pierre Auguste Renoir    


  1. I just wanted to let you know how much I love this blog and look forward to each entry. Beautiful, sweet and fresh. The only way I can figure out how to comment on these blogs is to select "Anonymous" - I'm illiterate. But my name is Ruth Ann and I live in Shelby Township, MI.

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words Ruth Ann! So nice to hear from a kindred spirit!

  2. Allo K.D. My dog mum and my dog dad (ma mere et mon pere) saw the Renoir painting of the Titian haired girl dancing with her young man with the straw hat at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts last year. My mum always plays a little game, choosing a painting, to take home (if only she could). She was blown away(Dad Dog too) by the Renoir couple. In mum's list of Would Like To Have Hanging In The Living Room it won paws down. The couple are in motion both in the dance and their intimate interaction: He hold her close and looks at her intently; she looks away, yet she following his lead in the dance and lets him support her. They have an intimate dialogue within the boisterous dance garden. There are violets at their feet. With best regards,
    Zeppelin, who does not pretend to be an art connoisseur but who is a great romantic especially when there is food involved.

    1. Dear Zeppelin, I would also love to have this painting dancing in my living room! You really should be a writer, you describe the painting so beautifully, and I am abashed to admit, but I never realized that those were violets at their feet, thank you for the revelation!! With best regards,